Altaguardia Castle

Its 1280 metres of altitude make it the highest castle in the region and one of the highest in Europe.

Altaguardia Castle is situated on mount Pin between the villages of Bevia and Baselga, in the valley of Bresimo, and is the highest castle in the whole region. It is in a strategic area for the control of practicability to South Tyrol and Rabbi valley, and it could have been already inhabited in Roman age or even during the Iron Age as suggest the archaeological findings.
The castle was probably founded in the XIIth century by the lords of Livo and from 1407 passed to the Thun family, event though they never stayed in it permanently. During the XVIIIth century it was abandoned until, at the end of the XIXth century the Thun Family sold it to the municipality of Bresimo.
Currently, Altaguardia Castle is in ruins.

visitable: yes | suitable for: families - schools