Cles castle

Castel Cles was built in the 12th century as a fortification to control the underlying Roman road

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The castle is perched on a hill surrounded by orchards.
Isolated on a hummock surrounded by terraced orchards in the artificial basin of Santa Giustina, Castel Cles was built as a fortification to control the Roman road, which used to link the two banks of Stream Noce via a wooden bridge. The original ancient centre was composed of the "Age-old Tower". Prince-Bishop Bernardo Clesio had the castle expanded and given a Renaissance style look.
At the beginning of the 16th century the castle was attacked, during the so-called Peasant Rebellion, and in 1825 suffered a severe fire, yet it still boasts indoor some 16th century frescoes ascribed to Marcello Fogolino.
Now property of the Barons of Cles, the castle is closed to the public except for special summer events

visitable: yes | suitable for: families - schools

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Private property - closed to the public