Corno Castle

A fortress that always brought to rivalries and disputes between the local families

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Castel Corno (“Horn”) gets its name from the spur of the cliff on which it stands. 

Just a few minutes from Rovereto, in a strategic location, Castel Corno offers a unique view, which runs from the flow of the Adige River to the Piccole Dolomiti. Founded around year 1000, it has a structure which perfectly adapts to the territory’s morphology: located on the spur of a cliff, it is divided into an upper and lower castle.

At the heart of weapon facts and legends, the castle was the object of contention and conquest for various noble dynasties and military exploits, leading to its inexorable decline after the Napoleonic occupation. Property of the Castelcorno family, it first belonged to the Castelbarco family in the 18th century and later to Liechtenstein in 1500. The castle has been managed by the town of Isera since 1928.

visitable: yes | suitable for: families - schools

Notes on the accessibility to the site

The access road to the Castle is passable by special vehicle. Access to the castle lawn, which is the area used for the shows, is also very uneven. The Castle is inaccessible due to the steep slopes and barriers present.

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