Restór Castle

Restór castle is a perfect starting point for a fascinating autumnal visit to the Trentino castles.

[ Chiara Tomasoni ©]

The thirteenth century tower is what remains of the fortress put by the d'Arcos in control of the road leading to Passo del Duron.
The castle was one of the noble family main headquarters to enter to Giudicarie Esteriori, and at the same time one of the strongholds of the wars against the Campos and Lodrons.
The first information about Restór Castle dates back to 1265, when the Trento Prince-bishop Egnone of Appiano granted the Dosso della Vedova to Federico d'Arco as a feud. Doing this the prelate allowed him to build a castle as a protection for the population from the external menaces.
The fortress, now part of the Bleggio municipality, rose in a very important territory for the connection between Banale, Giudicarie, Lomaso and Basso Sarca.
During the wartime which saw Venice against Milan, western Trentino became theatre of continuous and ferocious battles. In this context, Castel Restór got first occupied by Gattamelata, captain of the Serenissima, and later conquered and destroyed by Paride Lodron. Once rebuilt, it kept its defensive functions until the XVIIIth century, when it was transformed into a hunt house.
Originally the castle should have had a very similar structure to those of the other d'Arco counts fortifications, like Drena and Castellino: a quandrangular tower surrounded by curvilinear walls.
Now it's in ruins, but its strong tower can still be appreciated.