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Ice Age Europe Day


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A day of activities on the trail of the Ice Age with prehistoric-themed workshops and activities

Bringing to life a glimpse into the lives of our prehistoric ancestors and forefathers, thanks to an engaging five-stage journey in the setting of the Alpine Botanical Garden, to discover many interesting facts about the Paleolithic world, the people who lived there and the nature that surrounded them.

That's the idea behind the fifth edition of Ice Age Europe Day, the event dedicated to the Ice Age that on Sunday 1 October 2023 will enliven the Viote Alpine Botanical Garden with walks, simulated excavations and workshops.

For the occasion, admission to the Botanical Garden is free, activities are chargeable: € 3 



A fun-filled Sunday with all-day activities (10.00 to 16.30). Last admission to the event at 16.00.

STAGE 1. Glacial relicts. What plants tell us

STAGE 2. How does a peat bog come into being? Not everything was as it seems

STAGE 3. Find the queen! Little beekeepers grow up

STAGE 4. Agriculture, the first revolution. When and why the hunter-gatherer world ended

STAGE 5. The enigma of the lake. Solve the riddle with science!

The event will be cancelled in case of bad weather.



Ice Age Europe is a dynamic network of heritage sites that preserves and celebrates the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Ice Age.

Founded in 2013 on the initiative of the Neanderthal Museum, the network encompasses a diverse range of archaeological sites, museums, and educational centers spread across Europe, all dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of our ancient past. From the stunning caves adorned with prehistoric art to the vast landscapes that once teemed with majestic megafauna, Ice Age Europe offers a captivating journey into the depths of time.

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admission to the Botanical Garden is free, activities are chargeable: € 3