Via Antonio Pilati 6

Trento’s prison in 50 photos

Photographic exhibition

Via Pilati number 6 is the address of the former prison of Trento. It’s an important place for the town and for the many stories it is linked to. The Trentino history museum foundation has welcomed the idea of turning Nicola Eccher’s work into a photo exhibition.

It’s a photo essay that has fixed a series of micro-stories in in black and white pictures.

It’s a story full of details, subjectivity, experiences, memories. For the museum it is a first step of a more ambitious project, which covers the history of the various prisons in Trentino.

The one in Via Pilati is definitely not the oldest one, but it has a great evocative power by virtue of its recent history.
Nicola Eccher has been dealing with professional photography for more than twenty years now. He got his passion from his father, and started his own career following him in his professional adventures, thus learning the techniques of traditional photography and the tricks of the trade.

He has collaborated with various museums (including the MARTof Rovereto), art galleries and prominent artists in the modern cultural landscape.
After several experiments, he is currently venturing into more artistic and creative achievements, raising important social issues with great sensitivity and giving evidence of oft-forgotten facts.

His artistic sensibility leads us to adopt numerous "interpretations" of complex issues: in this way photography is inextricably linked to the emotions that are transmitted to the viewer.


Free admission

organization: Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino