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Micro-stories from the former prison of Trento in the Tunnels of Piedicastello: 50 photos by photographer Nicola Eccher

Giovanna Nicoletti

Nearly two hundred cultural professionals and practitioners of Trentino attended the meeting in the auditorium “SanbàPolis” in Trento on 10 February.

A series of three meetings in which the religious world and the lay world get in touch with each other to discuss "The three temptations."

First event on Sunday 8 February at 11 am at the Buonconsiglio Castle

Irene Moltrer

Mauro Cappelletti, Diego Mazzonelli, Gianni Pellegrini, Aldo Schmid, Luigi Senesi, Giuseppe Wenter Marini are the protagonists of the exhibition opening on 13 February at the Civic art gallery of Trento.

Giovanna Nicoletti

The Diocesan Museum of Trento presents its own contribution to the reflection on the theme of Expo 2015 "Feeding the planet. Energy for Life ". The exhibition will open on 6 February 2015 at 18 and can be visited until 6 April.

Domenica Primerano

Through an art exhibition at Palazzo Calepini in Trento we can experience passing from normality of inter-war years to the horror of wartime, and back to "normal" life.

Aurel Chiriac

The exhibition “Adventure in the world of art”, dedicated to Mariano Fracalossi, multifaceted artist from Trentino (who died in 2004), will open on Friday 23 January in Palazzo Trentini, Trento.

Alessandro Franceschini

You can immerse yourself in “The snowfall of the century” until Friday: this exhibition can be seen in Trento, Via Cavour 27, Sala della Tromba.

Researcher at DiPSCo - Department of Psychology and Cognitive science of the University of Trento - Gianluca Esposito is starting up a new laboratory in Rovereto that will cooperate with Singapore, Tokyo, Nagasaki e Bethesda

Gianluca Esposito

The Conference will take place in Rovereto, from January 30th to January 31st, 2015, at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science of the University of Trento (conference language: English and Italian)

Dario Fortin

A series of meetings dedicated to the Renaissance started on 15 January at the Buonconsiglio Castle - sala Marangonerie -; this theme is examined involving architectural, artistic and historical perspectives.