[ Soprintendenza per i beni culturali]

The Historical photo archive of the Department for Cultural Heritage keeps the archive groups of the most important photographers of Trentino, starting from Giovanni Battista Unterveger (Trento, 21 November 1833 – 6 January 1912), who was the first one to make use of the new photographic art to reproduce valleys, peaks and villages of Trentino. In time a lot of archive groups have enriched the photo archive; among the photographers to be mentioned are: Sergio Perdomi, Giovanni Pedrotti, Rodolfo Rensi, the Pedrotti brothers, Giuseppe Garbari, Federico Vender, Flavio Faganello, Francesco Ambrosi, Luciano Eccher.

The English term “afterimage” describes that optical illusion by which an image continues to remain impressed in the mind even after the vision of the same has ceased.

Margherita de Pilati

Pierluigi Cattani's photographs were taken inside the former Italcementi of Trento

Interview with Layla Betti