[ Volume 12, Ossana, Vermiglio - Ufficio beni archivistici, librari e archivio provinciale]

In 1980, the Autonomous Province of Trento launched a project to promote the collection and study of place names of Trentino, to promote awareness of their pronunciation, use, meaning, tradition and origin. Year after year a lot of toponymical descriptions were collected, together with maps showing the location of place names, besides their dialect pronunciation and photographs of the most relevant places. All this constitutes an integral part of the database that was completed in 2007, and which currently manages over 153,000 sites for over 200,000 toponyms.

Place names can take inspiration from the morphology of the ground, from the land use, from the presence of certain tree species or from the establishment of specific activities or from special artifacts.

Lydia Flöss