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See you in September with Enduring Love

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The first two weekends of the summer programme at the Centrale Fies | The hydroelectric power plant Fies have just come to an end. From LIVE WORKS school of performance to FEMINIST FUTURES, 40 performances, 32 artists, workshops, talks and an exhibition followed one another, with great participation by the public.

The Centrale Fies will reopen from 21 to 23 September with Enduring Love.

The Enduring Love programme brings back to the Centrale Fies choreographers, directors, companies, perfomers, dancers who have cultivated a special bond with the Centre over the years made of mutual support, trust, risk, love.

 An exceptionally long-lasting love affair with OHT, Sotterraneo, Sergi Casero Nieto, Marco D'Agostin, Mali Weil, Collettivo Cinetico, Anagoor, Alessandro Sciarroni, Giulia Crispiani, Emilia Verginelli.

From this year Centrale Fies has opened up new ticket sales policies. In addition to the many free offers, there will be 4 price ranges to choose from according to the type of relationship you want to establish with the venue. "PAY WHAT YOU WANT" in fact means no longer fixed prices, as in the past, but actions that anyone can choose from: explore (5€), appreciate (10€), love (15€), support (20€).

Centrale Fies