"Objective abstraction. Beyond theory, the colour"

Mauro Cappelletti, Diego Mazzonelli, Gianni Pellegrini, Aldo Schmid, Luigi Senesi, Giuseppe Wenter Marini are the protagonists of the exhibition opening on 13 February at the Civic art gallery of Trento.

[ Archivio Mart]

By means of about hundred works of art, the exhibition Astrazione oggettivaOltre la teoria, il colore, i.e. “Objective abstraction. Beyond theory, the colour” - opening at the Civic art gallery of Trento on 13 February at 18.00, to be visited until 17 May - aims at highlighting how the six artists above were able to reach, each with its own vision, an autonomous and independent artistic production, though sharing the same colour research: their Manifesto, in fact, was never intended to be a categorical line or a boundary of expressivity, but it was conceived as a shared general guideline.

“A common denominator of the six artists - Giovanna Nicoletti says - is the relationship between colour and light, experienced as new condition of the human spirit separated from the rest of nature”. What the artists shared was a constant and all-absorbing study on colour as the object and subject of investigation; their Manifesto aimed at turning “organized colour research” into art making. The scientific dimension of colour, its gradation, brightness, light and modulations were all investigated. Objective abstraction artists had to be “aware of the constituent elements of painting, i.e. the support, the colour, the sign”.

Thus, Schmid, Senesi, Cappelletti, Mazzonelli, Pellegrini and Wenter Marini worked patiently and with persistency on the artisan dimension of their work (frames, canvas, signs). Notes, thoughts and reflections soon took shape and succeeded in becoming shape and colour.

Giovanna Nicoletti - exhibition curator