"One Museum, two logos, many artists"

Discover the new METS graphic identity

[ METS - Museo etnografico San Michele]

The presentation of the Museum's new logo will be open to the public with free admission on Thursday 20 July at 17.30 at the METS - Trentino Ethnographic Museum in San Michele.

The winner of the competition is Studio Bi Quattro. The external sign made from a woodcut by Remo Wolf, which has been the symbol of the Museum for almost forty years, will now be placed under the loggia overlooking the inner courtyard.

On the occasion of this significant moment, the management of the museum institution decided to pay homage to the artist Remo Wolf, "absolute master" in the technique of relief engraving, by exhibiting the ten sepia woodcuts owned by the cultural institution.

The small exhibition, curated by architect Roberto Festi and METS curator Luca Faoro, can be visited until 10 September.

METS - Museo etnografico San Michele