Wide-ranging discussion on the culture in Trentino

Nearly two hundred cultural professionals and practitioners of Trentino attended the meeting in the auditorium “SanbàPolis” in Trento on 10 February.

The cultural world of Trentino met on Tuesday, 10 February, at the auditorium “SanbàPolis” in Trento for an important consultation and discussion.

There were about 200 cultural professionals and practitioners at the meeting, and the dialogue which took place was valuable, yielding many suggestions and points for reflections with a view to the reorganization of the cultural sector that the Autonomous Province of Trento has planned.

In light of the financial situation of the Province, there will be a further contraction of resources, with repercussions on the world of culture; yet, the reorganization of this sector entails increased efficiency and greater sustainability.

 "Culture in Trentino - stated Tiziano Mellarini, Provincial Councillor for Culture - is a living field with many local institutions expressing great dynamism. But they’re often poorly coordinated; a structural fragmentation weakens their potential. The contraction of resources entails specific choices: the reorganization of Provincial Law No. 15 of 2007 will have to reform the cultural sector, by giving it a sounder and more modern basis, for an increased efficiency and for enhancing quality.”

 According to Mellarini, the main objective of the reorganization of the cultural sector is to reduce fragmentation and to promote synergies and collaborations, aiming at a network approach within an integrated system framework. The goal is to further enhance the cultural heritage of our territory and its various components; particular attention will be given to young people and to job creation.

There was large participation at the meeting; among the main issues emerged are: greater integration; support for the “export of culture”; creation of employment and training of specialized professional figures; private involvement; facilitating access to European cultural calls; need to strengthen the relationship with tourism sector players…