[ foto Bellintani]

"What is the past if not what we decide not to forget?". This Amy Tan’s quotation welcomes visitors to the Rhaetian Museum of Sanzeno in Val di Non, one of the best places where you can learn about and appreciate the richness of Trentino’s archaeological heritage.

Such heritage is to be discovered also in the evocative atmosphere of Roman Trento, in the underground of the historic centre of Trento, or else in the immersive environment of the Fiavé Pile-Dwelling Museum, or even among the prehistoric traces found out by archaeologists at the archaeological site “Acqua Fredda”.

These sites and venues, and other ones, feature a special charm and disclose the past of Trentino, which is rich in material evidence of man and which is worth knowing. From time immemorial, Trentino is in fact a land of confluence between Central Europe and the Mediterranean area.